17 June 2012

Dictionary Word of the Day

Here's the Dictionary.com Word of the Day:

agnate: a relative whose connection is traceable exclusively through males.

That's a new one to me and very much a genealogical word. Not sure how useful it is. How often do I need to refer to my dad's brothers or their sons? Or my dad's uncles on his father's side and their sons? We all share an X chromosome so it may be useful for genetic genealogy.

10 June 2012

Census Sunday: Joseph Huigens family in the 1940 US Census

Here is my transcription of the census entry for my father's family from the 1940 US Census. This was his second appearance in the US Census.

State: NE
County: Sheridan
Township, or other division of county: Rushville pct
S. D. No. 5
E.D. No. 81-26

1. Street, avenue, road, etc.
2. House number (in cities and towns)

Household Data
3. Number of Household: 88
4. Home owned or rented: R
5. Value of home (if owned) or monthly rental (if rented): 8
6. Does this household live on a farm? Yes

7. Name of person: 
 Higgins, Joseph A*
Higgins, Julia M
Higgins, Arnold F
Higgins, Lawrence J
Higgins, Rita
Higgins, Bernice M
Higgins, Joseph A
8. Relationship of this person to head of household:  Head Wife SonSonDaughterDaughterSon
10. Color or Race: WWWWWWW
11. Age at last birthday: 49452322211813
12. Marital Status: MMSSSSS
13. Attended school or college any time since March 1, 1940: NoNoNoNoNoYesYes
14. Highest grade of school  completed: H28H47H4H36
15. Place of birth: Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska NebraskaNebraska NebraskaNebraska
16. Citizenship of foreign born: 
17. Residence on 1 April, 1935 - City or town: Same houseSame house Same house Same house Same house Same house Same house
18. Residence on 1 April, 1935 - County: 

19. Residence on 1 April, 1935 - State or foreign country: 

20. On a farm? YesYesYesYesYes Yes
21. Was this person AT WORK for pay or profit in private or nonemergency Gov't. work during week of March 24-30? (Yes or No): YesNoNo
22. If not, was he at work on, or assigned to, public EMERGENCY WORK (WPA, NYA, CCC, etc.) during -week of March 24-30? (Yes or No): -NoYes - - No
23. If neither at work nor assigned to public emergency work. ("No" in Cols. 21 and 22), Was this person SEEKING WORK?(Yes or No): -No---No
24. If not seeking work, did he HAVE A JOB, business, etc.? (Yes or No): -No---No
25. Indicate whether engaged in home house-work (H), in school (S), unable to work (U), or other (Ot): -H---S
26. Number of hours worked during week of March 24-30, 1940: 6060 50
27. Duration of unemployment up to March 30, 1940 - in weeks:52
28. Occupation: Trade, profession, or particular kind of work, as frame spinner, salesman, rivet heater ,music teacher: farmerCCC paintercarpenter helperwaitress
29. Industry: Industry or business, as cotton mill, retail grocery, farm, shipyard, public school: on farm
building constrbuilding consructionrestaurant
30. Class of worker: OANPGWPWPWNP
31. Number of weeks worked in 1939 (Equivalent full-time weeks): 525246302812
32, Income in 1939 (12 months ended December 31, 1939): Amount of money wages or salary received (including commissions): 0023022580
33. Did this person receive income of $50 or more from sources other than money wages or salary (Yes or No): YesNoYesNoNoNo
34. Number of farm schedule: 63

Source citation: 
1940 U.S. census, Sheridan County, Nebraska,  Rushville pct , population schedule, enumeration district (ED) 81-26, Sheet No. 5B, household 88, line 47, Joseph Higgins; digital image, Ancestry.com. 1940 United States Federal Census (Beta) [database on-line, accessed 5-Aug-2012]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2012. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1940. T627, 4,643 rolls.

09 June 2012

Surname Saturday - 97: Clark

This week I'm skipping from 79: Kuepper to 97: Clark. Surnames 81 through 95 would be my eight Irish great-great-great-great-grandmothers. I'm still collecting info on my four Irish great-great-grandparents in America before attempting to cross the pond with those lines.

1. Kevin Joseph HUIGENS

2. Joseph Anthony HUIGENS
3. Shirley Ann OGDEN

6. Emery Julius OGDEN (b. 9 Sept 1896 in Elk Point, Union Co., SD, USA, m. 19 Mar 1929 in Gordon, Sheridan Co., NE, USA, d. 8 Apr 1984 in Martin, Bennett Co., SD, USA)
7. Esther Louise JOHNSON (b. 23 Feb 1902 in Milan, Rock Island Co., IL, USA, d. 24 Mar 1984 in Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD, USA)

12. William Fredrick OGDEN (b. 10 Oct 1871 in Simcoe, Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada, m. 25 Jan. 1895 in Elk Point, Union Co., SD, USA, d. 19 May 1951 in Platteville, Grant Co., WI, USA)
13. Mary Elizabeth HERREN (b. 22 Dec 1873 in Batavia, Scott Twp., Sheboygan Co., WI, USA, d. 14 Nov 1938 in Mission, Todd Co., SD, USA)

24. James Robert OGDEN (b. 9 Feb 1836 in New Brunswick, Canada, m. 12 Nov 1861 in Grey Co., Ontario, Canada, d. 6 Aug 1910 in Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD, USA)
25. Hannah GIBBON (b. 10 Feb 1837 in Chinguacousy, Peel Co., Ontario, Canada, d. 18 Apr 1927 in Denby, Shannon Co., SD, USA)

48. Robert OGDEN (b. abt 1807 in New Brunswick, Canada, m. 13 Jan 1825 in Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, d. 26 Jan 1892 in Bruce Co., Ontario, Canada)
49. Frances Amelia MORRELL (b. abt 1809 in Canada, d. 1881)

96. Jonathon OGDEN (b. 1748 in NY, m1. before 1794 to Millie Whitlock in ?, m2. 20 Oct 1801 to Mary Clark in Gagetown, Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada, d. 14 Nov 1845 in Greenwich, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada)
97. Mary CLARK (b. 1765 in ?, d. Aug 1846 in Greenwich, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada)

It was the second marriage for both Jonathan and Mary. Her first husband was James Edward Toole with whom she had four children.