21 November 2013

NE/SD Family History Road Trip (part 6)

Day 8, Saturday, Oct. 25

Time to head for home. We had an afternoon flight to catch in Omaha, so we headed over to I-29 south, which took us through Elk Point, Union County, SD where my Grandpa Ogden was born. It also took us along the Missouri River into Iowa, our fourth state in a week. We stopped in Sioux City for breakfast. They had some pictures on display of the long-gone Sioux City Corn Palace. I never knew that there was more than one of them.

All in all it was a great trip. We got in all that we wanted to do. We had great weather. I got to visit the graves of six of my eight great-grandparents, three of my great-great-grandparents and one of my third-great-grandfathers. I saw, photographed and took soil samples from six farms. My wife got to see where Willa Cather lived and visit a quilt museum and a quilt shop. Next vacation we go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants. She earned that and more.

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