03 September 2011

Abraham Strayer's 1889 Civil War Pension Deposition pt. 2

Here is my transcription of the second page of my g-g-grandfather's 1889 deposition in regards to his Civil War disability pension. The first few words of the first sentence are carried over from page 1. I marked the break with a "//". The same for the last two words of the last sentence, which come from the start of page 3.

This page has lots of information about his movements and residences in Iowa between 1858 and 1862. It also mentions several other farmers from the areas where he lived. That information may be useful to someone else.

In the fall of 58 I moved//from Clark Co. Ohio to Pleasant Plain Jefferson Co. Iowa. I was there one month then went to Brighton Washington Co. Iowa remained there two months then went on a farm two miles W of Pleasant Plain was there three years then went back to Brighton and enlisted at that place
The farm I lived on was only 5 miles from Brighton.
Michael Shafer knew me from the time I came to Iowa up to the time of my enlistment. He was a member of same co 
The old neighbors who knew me then are all gone or dead. I went over there three years ago but could find no one.
Seb Johnson 2 m west of Brighton Ia knew me as well as any I can think of. he knew me while I resided in Ohio. Benjamin Andrews now of Oskaloosa, Ia was a near neighbor while on the farm at Pleasant Plain. William Harrison lived on a farm 2 1/2 miles west of Pleasant Plan. I think he is there yet. I did not go over to Pleasant Plain when I was in Iowa.
 These men can tell the examiner who were* there now that knew me before the war.
I was sound and in good physical health at and prior to my enlistment. I was never a fleshy man, but I was that healthy and active, always ready to work, and never had a doctor, before//the war.
The asterisk appears at the end of a line of text and points to a note written vertically in the left-hand margin of this page.
*I was at Pleasant Plain but did not go out to the farm. I could find no one in the town that knew me before the war.
It looks like he remembered afterwards that he had gone to Pleasant Plain when he was in Iowa looking for people who could attest to his health before the war.

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