03 September 2011

SNGF: Ahnentafel Roulette

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is to use a great-grandfather's age as a seed to calculate a semi-random number and write about the person with that ahnentafel number in your tree.

I decided to start with John Huigens, my father's paternal grandfather. I choose him because I know his birth year without having to look it up. He was born in 1862; next year is the 150th anniversary of his birth. Dividing by 4 gave me an ahnentafel of 37.

Number 37 in my tree is Anna Margaretha Felder. I previously wrote about the Felder line in this Surname Saturday post. Here are three facts I know about her.

  1. She was born 9 Apr 1798 in Wiensheid, the Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire to Heinrich Felder and Anna Christine Jacobs.
  2. She married Wimer Fitzler on 25 Aug 1820 in Neunkirchen, Juelich-Cleves-Berg Province, Prussia.
  3. She had at least 6 children: Heinrich, Anna Christine, Anna Margaretha, a second Heinrich (I assume the first one died at a young age), Johann Wimer (my g-g-gf), and Wilhelm.
I've tried to be as historically accurate about the administration of the places as I can. It's all very confusing and hard to figure out who ruled where when in the Rhein.

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