19 February 2012

February 2012: Status of research on Mary Julia Kain

Here is the status of my research on my paternal grandmother. Currently all of this information is in a Google doc document file. I'm playing around with Evernote and am considering moving each of these to a note in an Evernote notebook. I'll let you know how that works out.

5. Mary Julia KAIN
What was her full name?
        Mary Julia KAIN: SS-5, delayed birth record w/reference to baptism certificate
        Julia M: 1900, 1920 US Census record

Julia: 1910, 1930 US Census record
Miss Julia KAIN: Marriage License
Julia Marian KAIN: JAH2 Birth Certificate 1927
Julia HUIGENS: NE state death record
To do: St. Ludger baptism record, newspapers, children’s vital records
Who were her parents?
Francis Joseph KAIN and Margaret KENNEDY: SS-5

Frank KAIN and Margaret KENNEDY: delayed birth record
Frank J and Margaret H KAIN: 1900 US Census
Frank J and Margaret KAIN: marriage license
Frank and Margaret KAIN: obit, 1910 US Census
Frank KAIN and Mary KENNEDY: NE state death record
To-do: St. Ludger baptism record, newspapers, parents’ obituaries
When was she born?
19-May-1894: Grave marker, obituary, funeral card, SSDI, marriage license, SS-5, NE state death record, delayed birth record
May 1894: 1900 US Census record (Age 6)
1894: 1910 (Age 15 before her 1910 birthday), 1920 (Age 25 before her 1920 birthday) US Census records
1896: 1930 US Census record (Age 34 after her 1930 birthday)
To-do: St. Ludger baptism record, newspapers
Where was she born?
        Creighton: Obituary
Creighton, NE: SS-5, delayed birth record
NE:1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 US Census records
In 1903, Kain farm house was SW of Bazile Mills and NW of Creighton (Closer to Bazile Mills  than to Creighton), NW corner of SW quarter of section 8 of Creighton Twp. : 1903 Knox County Atlas
To-do: find location of family in 1894 in land records, county directory, newspapers, children’s census records
Where did she go to school?
        To-do: NE school census, St. Ludger school records
How long did she go to school?
At school: 1900 US Census, attended 3 months in the previous year (she would have been 5 or 6 years old)
1910 US Census states she had attended school sometime since 1-Sept-1909, when she was 15
        To-do: NE school census, St. Ludger school records
Where did she live?
Rushville, NE in Mar. 1947: SS-5
See father’s and husband’s info
When did she move across the street in Rushville?
To-do: check land records at Sheridan Co. courthouse, Rushville city directories
When did she die?
        29-Apr-1979: Obituary, grave marker, NE state death record
24-Apr-1979: Funeral card
Apr-1979: SSDI
To-do: Rushville Immaculate Conception records, probate records
Where did she die?
        Parkview Nursing Home, Rushville: Obituary
Parkview Lodge N. H.: NE state death record
To-do: Nothing
What was the cause of death?
Pneumonia, Debilitation, Lymphocytic leukemia: NE state death record
        To-do: Nothing
Where is she buried?
        St. Mary’s Cemetery: funeral card, grave marker photo, NE state death record
To do: Nothing

The only important question is where here parents were living when she was born. Her birthplace is given as Creighton, NE, but, if she was born at home, they were closer to Bazile Mills, which currently has about 29 residents. My desire for detail leads me to want to know exactly where my ancestors were born. Since I can seldom know exactly where a mother was when a child was born, I should probably limit myself to the county rather than trying to pinpoint the exact location of a farm and where the house was on that farm.

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