20 March 2010

Fearless Females: Day 20

March 20 — Is there a female ancestor who is your brick wall?  Why?  List possible sources for finding more information.

I'd have to say that the female ancestor about which I'd like to know more has to be Hanora "Nora" (COLLINS) WALLACE KENNEDY.  I don't know the first name of her first husband.  I don't when when or where in Ireland they married.  I have only been able to narrow down the time they came to America to the two years between the births of their two daughters.  I don't know where in America her second daughter was born.  Was it Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin?  I don't know when or where her first husband died.  I don't know where she and my great-great-grandfather met and married. I don't know her parents were.  I paid to have the the baptism and marriage records in County Limerick searched; that turned up nothing. 

More information may come from further investigation in the lives of her two daughters, Hanora "Nora" (WALLACE) COLLINS MCGOVERN  and Ellen "Nellie" (WALLACE) RYAN.  Their marriage records or death records might give their father's full name.  Their obituaries might make it clear where they were born.   If I knew where the younger Nora was born, I could focus on that area for her father's death and my great-great-grandparents' marriage.  Hopefully the marriage records would name her parents, which would help in locating more records back in Ireland.

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