03 March 2010

Fearless Females: Day 3

Today's prompt for the Fearless Female Women's History blog challenge is:
"March 3 — Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree."

None of my female ancestors was named Kevin. Not too surprising.

Most of the first names of my female ancestors are very commonplace. Lots of Mary's and Maria's and Anna's. Lots and lots of Anna's for some reason. Most of them German.

I'd have to say that the most unusual female first name is that of my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Alchey GARRISON. She was the mother of Elnathan MORRELL, who was the maternal grandfather of my great-great-grandfather, Robert OGDEN. That makes her #197 in my ahfentahl. This information came from on-line family trees and has not been verified.

I have no idea how to pronounce "Alchey." The only information we have for her is that she was born in 1750 in Peekskill, Weschester Co., NY and that she married Thomas MORRELL in 1767 there. That also came from on-line family trees and has not been independently verified.

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