28 March 2010

Fearless Females: Day 28

Yesterday's prompt for the Fearless Female Women's History blog challenge was:

March 27 — Do you know the immigration story of one or more female ancestors?  Do you have any passenger lists, passports, or other documentation?  Interesting family stories?

I haven't been inspired enough by any of the recent prompts to post, but this one I do like.  I posted about one of my great-great-grandmother Anna Helena SCHMITT's 1858 immigration from Prussia here.  Another of my great-great-grandmothers also immigrated from Prussia at about the same time.  I posted about the arrival of the TOEMMES family in New York here.

Anna Helena came with her future sister-in-law.  Were there any men that they knew on the journey with them or did these young women make the journey ot the New World all by themselves?  Did someone meet them in New York or were they left to get to Illinois alone?

Johann TOEMMES did not make the journey with his family.  Had he died and his widow, my great-great-great-grandmother Maria bring her family to start a new life in America?    Were the accompanied by other families on their travels?  Why are there always more questions than I have time to research?

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