25 April 2011

Jacob Eidelbusch in the 1900 US Census

Yesterday, I posted about learning that my 3rd-great-grandfather, John Jacob Adelbush, had died in 1901 in the Sheboygan Co. Insane Asylum. I also wrote that should make it easy to find his 1900 US Census record.  Mission Accomplished.

I began by searching for all the Johns and Jacobs in Sheboygan Co. That didn't find him. Then I tried looking for "Inmate" and "Patient" in Sheboygan Co. He wasn't there either. So I looked for all Sheboygan Co. males born in Germany in 1817.  There he was, misindexed as "Josep Eidelbarch" in the list of Insane Asylum inmates without any value in the "Relationship" column where I had expected "Inmate" or "Patient." One more thing crossed off the To-Do List.

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