05 March 2012

Mystery Monday: The death of Mary Huigens

Where did my great-grandmother, Mary (Fitzler) Huigens die in Feb. 1949? I 'm not really sure. I sent away for a Nebraska death certificate because she lived in Creighton, NE for all of her adult life and is buried there with my great-grandfather. To my surprise, no Nebraska death record was found. I've checked the South Dakota death records on ancestry.com that cover this time period and she's not there either. That seemed a possibility because Creighton is close to the SD border.

As far as I know, all of her children lived in NE at that time. All I have to go on is a vague rumor that she died in Iowa and some of my dad's cousins remember something about a problem getting her body back on the train because of the blizzard of 1949.

The next step is to include her in a big order of Iowa death records when I've got the time and the money.

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