07 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Huigens Siblings abt 1902

I figured out what happened to my notes on who is who in these pictures. I put all that info in comments on the pictures when I posted them to Facebook as part of the Huigens Family group I created. When Facebook redid how they're handling groups, I never converted my group. I recently noticed that it was orphaned and deleted it. All the photos with their notes went away because I forgot that I had annotated them only there. D'oh!

Anyway this picture is easier because the age differences are more pronounced.
Back row: Julia, Bernard, Edward and Joseph
Middle row: John (seated), Emily, Margaret, Mary (seated), Anna

The little one to the left of John is my dad's Uncle Henry, aka Heinie. Yes, that's a little boy. Things were different back then.

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