26 March 2012

Mystery Monday: Schaeffer Hattrick

What the heck, my last two blog posts have been about my 4th great-grandfather, George Schaeffer, so let's make it a trifecta. I don't have any info on the place and date of his birth, death or marriage to Elizabeth Klinefelder. I do have very exact info on the places and dates of her birth and death. My brother added this couple to our ancestry.com on-line tree, probably using other ancestry.com trees.

I've done a little bit of disorganized searching on ancestry.com looking for relative historical records. I'm finding conflicting info, mostly in Sons of the American Revolution applications. I can find applications for a George Schaeffer, but the maiden name for his wife Elizabeth is different. His son is given as Adam Schaeffer. I have also found applications for an Adam Schaeffer with a wife of Elizabeth Klinefelder. Very confusing.

This is a bigger mystery than I want to get involved with right now. I have more recent questions to work on answering. If I was tackling it, I would start by looking for records for Catherine Schaeffer, my 3rd great-grandmother. A marriage certificate from early 19th century York County, PA might list her parents. York County histories might also have history on the Schaeffer family. There are also church records from Dover, PA           that could provide info on her baptism or marriage. I get the feeling that my German York Co. ancestors are all tied together in the community.

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